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Friday, April 20, 2018
By SweetArt Photography

Perfect baby skin and the sweetest hint of strawberry blond hair with this little one. 


This was another session where there was some meaning behind one of the props. Mom had blue hydrangeas in her wedding, and I just so happened to have some in the studio!




Once baby G was in pose, I gently placed a few groups of petals beside her and snapped away.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
By SweetArt Photography

SECOND EDITION of magic, wonder, and whimsy!


Interested in Pricing or want more info? Contact me HERE

Thursday, March 29, 2018
By SweetArt Photography

I love bringing meaning to photographs. When parents bring a keepsake or heirloom into the studio to have photographed with baby, it definitely produces all the warm and fuzzies.


This little guy's great-grandfather had this truck when he was a little guy. The love and bond, between him and this little family, was amazingly special.  So even though he physically wasn't with us in the studio, he was definitely there in the love between them all.


Friday, March 23, 2018
By SweetArt Photography

The love, beauty and bond of Motherhood. This mama was absolutely radiant during her session. She has such an encouraging spirit and soul. Her little girl is lucky to have her as a mama! 


Oh how I love those baby bumps! Your maternity session is SO very important! While it seems like you'll be pregnant forever, trust me, it goes by so quickly. Those little baby kicks, or hiccups (cracks me up because my little one had them EVERY day at the SAME time of the day during my last trimester!) and movements will truly be missed once your baby is born.

It's such a special bond and closeness that only a mother knows of.


When should you schedule your Maternity Session?

It really depends on how you're feeling in your pregnancy and how much you are showing. Generally the best time is towards the end of the 2nd trimester. By that time frame, your baby bump is showing (and gorgeous!), but you're still feeling great and the swelling hasn't kicked in yet.  But I have had mamas that had a tiny baby bump and were photographed around week 36!

I definitely would not wait that long, as it runs risk of you going into labor if baby decides they want to greet you a little earlier than 40 weeks!  So plan around the 21 week mark, but we can always reschedule a few weeks later to let baby grow a bit more if you so desire.


In studio or outside?

Down here in Savannah, Ga we have 2 seasons. Hot and not so hot. (ha!)

For the cooler, non-gnat months I'm all for maternity sessions outside. I love the natural light and the evening hour right before sunset is crazy gorgeous!

For those hotter months, I've got a studio with a huge window with some stunning natural light to show off that baby bump!

And, of course, hello air conditioning! :)

Friday, March 16, 2018
By SweetArt Photography

So, let's cue the baby fever over here.... this little one was so snuggly and sleepy for his entire session! His big sister was my little helper the entire time. Clearly, no one better mess with her little brother! It was so heartwarming seeing the love she had for him.



Lifestyle sessions are a great option if you prefer to capture your newborn's first week of life in your home, versus in the studio. Not only do you capture memories of your little one in the first few days of life, but you also have memories of the home you lived  in when they were born. (Especially if your family plans on moving later on).

What's even more exciting is, as they grow, they get to see what their home looked like with them in it! And we all know toddlers LOVE to see photographs of themselves!

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